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Perfect for consistent tee ups, very durable showed very little signs of wear after 2 rounds and multiple practice "rounds", tee heights perfect for driver, fairways, and hybrids... Great all in one divot repair, tee, and club groove cleaner to keep in your pocket. You reach in and pull out one item and not sorting through 3 or 4 items for the right tool.
- Edward M.

SmarTee is a good example of form meeting function. My foursome used the SmarTee in soils ranging from loose to semi compact on a day with temperatures in the 40's. It withstood clubhead speeds of around 100 mph without any sign of damage. The ability to tee one's ball at a consistent height from tee box to tee box is a definite plus. Using the shorter SmarTee height proved beneficial when driving into a 20 knot headwind. Additionally, we were able to fix pitch marks on the greens without any difficulty. I definitely recommend this product. The price is overcome by the durability and functionality of the SmarTee.
- Dave V.N. of The Villages, FL

This tee has amazing durability. I have used one tee in two rounds and it is still good as new. Also, I did not have to look all over the place for it after teeing off. The ball mark repair end was good. It eliminated one more thing in my pocket.
- Steven H.

SUPER SMART TEES! Different look - EXCELLENT performance. Easy to push in the ground!! Used for 18 holes - not one of the 3 broke at all after every tee strike. Very durable, never broke, very solid in the ground. I was AMAZED! Saves money in the long run!
- David K.

The material is much more durable than typical tees. I usually break 3 - 5 tees a round, but these held up very well. I find many players do not fix divots, either because of laziness or not knowing how - these tees make it easier to fix divots properly.
- Kenneth Z.

The SmarTee is a great idea! I don't like golfing with my pockets full of gadgets and this eliminates that. with the SmarTee in my pocket I can go from tee to green and keep my course in the best condition. The ability to tee up the same everytime helps my ball stay down the center of the fairway.
- Don W.

These tees are great! I like the middle one the best. The best asset of the tees is its stability - You're always setting up at the same height.
- Linda H.

I did the testing for them and I was delighted with the product. Thank you for such a clever design.
- Marylou of Weatherford, TX

Tested your product for the "Partners Club" golf program...liked them very much!!
- David of Haw River, NC

I was asked to test this product by the PGA Tour Partners Club. I was skeptical. I thought that the tee would tear up the tee box if i hit the tee. It was fantastic. I shot one of the best rounds of my career.
- Robert of Windermere, FL

I recieved a free pack of your tees from my Partners Club,and they worked great.
- David of Ocala, FL

I tested the SmarTees for the PGA Tour Partners Club. I found them to be exceptionally good.
- Jerry of Delray Beach, FL

Thank you. I played with the tees again this weekend and my friends thought the tees were a great idea too! Thank you!
- Marylou of Fort Worth, TX

I cannot believe what a difference your tees have made in my game. What a mind game! Ever since I put that solid tee in the ground, it has done something to make my game more solid.
- Dan of Oklahoma